Digital mixers for DJs – How to choose the best

A sound is the heart and soul for every DJ and mixers do a great job delivering the right quality and volume of sound to add the ‘zing’ to the DJs performance. But when you set out shopping for your digital mixers, you will find an overwhelming range of brands, prices and opinions. Some of the manufacturers have been out there for decades while some others are just about getting their feet in. Therefore it is essential that you have an in-depth knowledge of your crossfader needs and how the gadgets will meet those needs. Some of the advanced digital mixers from established brands will be more expensive and best suited for professionals who may be more comfortable making the additional investment. On that note, let us now examine your options and understand how they meet your expectations.

Deciding the type of mixer you need

Digital mixers for DJ are configured in many different ways by multiple manufacturers. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the DJ gear that best answers your DJ style. For instance, if you are employing scratching and cutting techniques that are associated with the hip-hop DJing, the mixer design should allow you to adjust how you implement the crossfader. An elongated version of the Crossfade is preferred by DJs focusing on Club style because of the smooth mixes that are also often longer. This type of crossfade is also ideal for techno and mixing houses. Scratch DJs prefer the curvature of the crossfaders that is fast and short in addition to a preference for mixers with the ability to reverse position of crossfaders. Scratch DJs would also do well to consider the layout and positioning of the mixer since some controls may interfere with your performance while using scratch techniques.

Laptop DJs

Laptop DJs will lean naturally towards mixers that connect with the computer through a USB. Additionally, they may also look for mapping the mixer controls to a chosen DJ software via MIDI or a mix of both. Certain MIDI controllers can also double up as mixers and you may be able to wholly integrate a digital and analogue set up in a single unit. However, mobile DJs would also want to think of connectivity for the mixer. For instance, mobile DJs may be better off with a mixer which accommodates several output connections. This is because the DJ may have little or no knowledge of the way the sound system at the venue is set up from one gig to the other. The ruggedness of the equipment is another feature that most mobile DJs would be looking for so that enough variety including a microphone for addressing the gathering is also available.

How do these mixers work?

Primarily, a DJ mixer allows the user to blend and mix music from two sources simultaneously. If you are looking for the very basic mixer, you will notice that it has 2 channels with EQ, gain and level controls and an option to send signals to your headphone output for the purpose of cueing. Usually, the gain control is a knob that allows the user to trim volume of signals that go into a channel. This is important because no two CDs, records or digital files are created with equal volumes or mastered by the DJ. Adjusting the gain level will help in matching input volumes for a smoother flow. 3 bands of EQ will be offered by most mixers to allow you gain control of high, mid and low tones of the chosen music. EQ is controlled through knobs, though some versions may also have small faders while others sport added kill switches to cut off a particular frequency when activated fully.
A fader acts as the final control for a channel to control the level of output. The channel fader usually comes with a button above it which can be used to integrate the channel with your headphone monitor. Mixing two channels can be easily achieved by moving the crossfader from one end to the other, and that constitutes the most basic method of mixing.
Certain channels will also allow connecting multiple sound sources are giving you the ability to integrate 2 CD players and two vinyl decks into a single set up. Some mixers can also feature over two channels presenting you an opportunity to mix multiple sources to achieve the creative effect. Club DJs keen on extending the dynamics of chosen music can look for mixers having built in sound FX which will enable beat synchronisation to the music source through an auto BPM detection or tap tempo key.
For DJs with a separate FX unit and looking to integrate it into your particular set up, you may want to look for a mixer with an FX send/return connection at the rear end. DJs who do not have an FX unit but have plans to acquire one, a mixer sporting the return feature allows you to integrate it at a future point in time.
Another important aspect in choosing a digital mixer is the manner in which the source music passes through a mixer. Some mixers will sport a wholly analogue signal track while others will employ digital circuitry. But, finally, the job of a mixer is to mix multiple music sources together. Technology needs to be creatively harnessed and not lazily. Best DJs often are those who pay plenty of attention to the basics. Becoming a great DJ comes out of sustained practice and no mixer can help you hasten the pace. Knowing your DJ aspirations and style will hold the key to discovering the best mixer to take you on the road to success.

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Custom-print Cardboard Boxes: More than Good Branding


 customised cardboard boxesEveryone knows that a custom-printed cardboard box can be an excellent way to get your company’s name out to your clients. However, these boxes have many uses, not just branding. They even have applications in the home as well. A custom-printed cardboard box can be everything from a brilliant way to store valuables to a new spaceship for your children. Today we are going to discuss just a few of the uses for these customised cardboard boxes, but the only real limit is your imagination.

Uses for Custom printed cardboard boxes

There are several innovative applications for custom-printed cardboard boxes beyond just shipping, so you might want to consider either buying or printing some yourself!

Sending Holiday Gifts

gift wrapThe holiday season is upon us. Are you tired of giving gifts in the same old wrapped boxes and gift bags? If so, why not print a box with your family name or a special design? Making the best use of these cardboards by recycling or reusing for other purpose is a great idea to keep our environment clean & green. The boxes can even be made decorative enough to leave out after the party if the recipient desires. You can even print the box so that it has the recipient’s name right on it.

Decorative Storage

One of many people’s New Year’s resolutions is to get more organised. One way to do this is to have cardboard boxes printed with a name and picture of the items you plan on storing inside. For instance, you could have a stylishly-printed cardboard box to hold the good china, and you will always know what is in that box.

Toys for your Children

fun idea
Custom-printed cardboard boxes are an excellent way to make toys for your kids. Patterns can be found online for spaceships, cars and any number of other toys. Simply have the pattern printed onto a box, with clear instructions where to cut or fold. Then you and your child can use the pattern on the box to make a three-dimensional sculpture.

Branding for Small Businesses

It isn’t only the big guys in the business world who use custom printing on their cardboard boxes. In this age of small businesses and Internet marketing, you might find it necessary to do something to stand out from your competitors. A custom-printed box with a distinctive design can make a statement about your business while making sure your brand sticks in your clients’ minds.

DIY Craft Ideas

DIY craft idea
If you have custom cardboard boxes you have been given that you don’t want to throw away, here are some good DIY ideas to give them a new life.

DIY Guitar

Using a coffee mug as a guide, cut a round hole in the top of a circular or square box.
Use a small screwdriver to punch four tiny holes evenly spaced about two inches from the large hole on either side of the box.
Cut two cardboard strips to form the guitar bridge. Make sure it covers all four of the tiny holes you’ve made and that the holes line up with the ones on the box lid.
Paint the bridge a complimenting colour and then string the guitar using rubber bands of differing thicknesses, glue on a few rhinestones and you have a fabulous toy guitar for your child.

Cardboard Puppets

toys for kidsUsing a cardboard box custom printed with pictures of animals, cut out the animal shapes.
Colour in the pictures if you prefer.
Glue a popsicle stick to the back of each animal to make a fun puppet.

Make Your Own Aquarium

Cut the top and bottom off a custom-printed box.
Hang on your wall with a piece of blue construction paper behind to work as water.
Hang plastic or figurine fish inside your new aquarium.

Create A Custom Sign

If you have a special party guest, create them a custom sign.

Cut out the lettering from a custom-printed cardboard box.
Cut the letters apart and glue fabric scraps or rhinestones to them.
Attach the letters together with twine or ribbon to create a homemade banner.


Custom-printed cardboard boxes have a variety of uses, both in the home and outside of it. You can use them for storage, crafts and give the holiday gifts that they will be talking about long after the holidays are gone. The perfect custom-printed cardboard box can make an incredible statement. Your imagination is the limit. Pick up your boxes today and prepare to make someone extremely happy.

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Science Tutoring- An Effective Way of Learning the Subject

physical science lab

Science is all around us. Highly skilled and knowledgeable tutoring is required to learn and understand the true essence of Science. This thing can only be achieved through some professional Science classes. With Proper Science education, you get to know the real meaning of every twist and turns that take place all around us, in our universe, in everyday life. Through Science help, students get to learn a significant meaning of all the facts and figures we get to experience every day, or which are there for many years. By an effective way of learning, students learn by practical application academic knowledge. An effective Science tutoring let the students learn by digging the behind the scenes concepts of every natural phenomenon and compose their personal reports or short comments. Proper science training develops the skilful amalgamation of concepts, theoretical understanding, and practical knowledge in the students, which is not only important to sharpen their mind, but it also increases the competency level of the students, that is critical to get entry into any of the prestigious selective schools. Study of any Scientific subject is entirely incomplete without some proper demonstration of practical knowledge, about each and every concept. Science tutoring work as the most fundamental and crucial platform to exhilarate the possible interest in the students, and let them polish their skills under expert supervision.

Science education is not only about theoretical and bookish knowledge of all the concepts, which are included in the syllabus. Rather it is a comprehensive way of developing and enhancing certain extraordinary abilities in the students, and that will help them to tackle all the related problems, through proper reasoning, application, and management skills. A comprehensive process of Science tutoring includes a thorough understanding of any problem through some simple steps such as, problem analysis, understanding the scenario/ description, making possible solutions of the problem, and then application of these solutions.

A professionally skilled Science tutoring is an unusual technique to improve not only the learning qualities of a student, but it also helps a great deal in the development of thinking power, effective communication skills, speaking abilities, thorough reading proficiency, and also effective writing expertise. Because in Science, you first have to study and correctly understand a problem to get to a proper solution that needs good reading abilities for a better analysis of the problem. In the next step, you need to propose a particular set of methodologies and procedures, with which you wish to tackle the problem, this thing needs your practical skills and theoretical expertise. And once there, it is immensely important to properly communicate your findings, methodologies, all outcomes, and difficulties, to not only other fellow students but also proper presentation your work on higher scale. Other than that, report writing is the most basic procedure in the Science, which is followed by each and every person who ought to do anything smaller or bigger in this field. Every student must possess the quality of adequate and proper writing. Because writing about Science projects needs good description and explanation of your work, that should be done in an accurate and appropriate writing manner. An efficient Science tutoring is highly recommended to enhance all these abilities.
Practical knowledge of all the Science subjects, go hand in hand with theoretical knowledge. And as described earlier, Science tutoring is the best way to get all things properly done.

Importance of Science Tutoring to get Admission in the Selective Schools

All selective schools have particular selection criterion, by which they select the students to study in their institutions. The most usual, and universally followed criterion of selection is the hold of highly skilled practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject along with good scores. Concerning Science, an excellent experience of actual work along with theoretical knowledge is globally appreciated. In our age, where there is a massive amount of competition present in each and every department, college or university, a highly skilled and proficient practical knowledge can be a plus to get selected in your preferred institution. Science tutoring is more needed now than ever, as with the influx of large quantity of applications, from all around the world, the criterion of the selection has become more complicated and tricky to achieve. So, with properly trained practical expertise from a brilliant Science tutor, and handful amount of theoretical knowledge can certainly be a huge plus for any student.

Science tutoring is the most fundamental and vital platform to exhilarate the practical interest in the students, and let them polish their skills under expert supervision. Selection in any college requires high scoring in the placement test, which can only be achieved through structured preparation that includes, highly expert knowledge about your field, confidence, and development of highly skilled communication skills. With proper Science tuitions, students not only learn about this area thoroughly, but it also boosts up the inner confidence and sharpens their abilities to get high scores in any placement test.

With the huge turnout of students from all around the world from various countries, many universities and Governments have offered numerous scholarships programs. All scholarships possess a different set of eligibility criterion for students to get selected. If you strive to get some excellent scholarship, with all the perks of healthy student life, then you need to possess a certain amount of enhanced qualities within yourself. As a high number of students tend to gain these scholarships. For that matter, you need to get your skills sharpen in each and every manner and let yourself stand out in the mob. And for Science students, Science learning gives the best platform to gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the subject.

science tutoring

Science tutoring is an extremely active, constructive, engaging and supportive way of teaching Science to the students, that elevate the level of skilful practical expertise, and thoroughly built up a new analytical personality within the students.

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My journey to find best SEO services

Three years ago when I started my first business in the digital world, obviously I was a novice. Of course, I had a range of products which I considered to be profitable and had some broad ideas on how to go about it. My initial foray was setting up a digital shop in e-Bay so that I could limit my capital expenditure to the minimum. From this perspective I found e-Bay to be an ideal choice. Thankfully, I had the wherewithal to study the working of e-Bay deeply, and I spent close to a month reading the maze of tutorials, user agreements, terms and conditions, how-tos and all the stuff. The exercise by any yardstick was not an easy one. But, I was determined, and my determination drove me every time I was looking at the screen trying to make sense of what I was seeing. In the second week, I started making a series of notes and by the time I finished I had as many as 15 pages full of those notes. In the later months, I thanked myself for the strenuous exercise. I had done myself a favour!

Month 3 begins, and my sale was 0

Imagine my ire when, at the end of two full months after setting up my shop on e-Bay, and my sale was still 0. I was worried and shaken, more because I noticed that the same products I sold were briskly moving on e-Bay, but no one came to my store. That is when I spoke to some of my friends and revealed my agony. One of my pals, Alex was somewhat conversant with e-Bay and agreed to go on my website to explore what was wrong.

I knew nothing about SEO

Alex took just about 5 minutes looking at my site store and commented that there were apparently serious lapses with the site/store. But, he did not have the fixes needed and said that I should find a professional SEO service at to get things moving. I went back to my notes and discovered that e-Bay had indeed mentioned SEO in some of their long winding instructions. But, my focus on setting up the store did me in and missed the magnitude of SEO at that time.


I went to school again

Not literally. I was just kidding. I spent the next couple of days exclusively learning what SEO was all about. At the end of the exercise, I was more than convinced that a professional SEO service is what I needed to make my business successful. I listed out questions to ask before deciding on the service provider I will about to work. The questions uppermost in mind were:-

  • How SEO will drive my business
  • What measures will be taken
  • Is it a onetime measure
  • What is the tracking or monitoring performance
  • If daily action is needed who would do that
  • Is there a free trial period
  • For how long should I keep paying
  • What would be my ROI

more seo

Finding the service provider

The learning cycle I went through was very helpful in finding a service provider for my needs. After the initial screening and exchanging some e-mails, I decided to meet three service providers for detailed discussions. All the 3 provided answers to my questions though only one was willing to work on a pay as you earn kind of arrangement. A few hundred dollars had to be found to kick the operation, which I agreed.

My website gets a make-up

The first thing that my SEO service did was to give a complete make-up for my site. Now my website had keywords in the most appropriate places, was clutter free (I had a bunch of images thinking that was the way to go), pages loaded faster and the whole thing looked lot more professional. Honestly, I knew nothing about on-page or off-page SEO until I saw my website after it restructured.

Results start crawling in earlier than expected

Our agreement was that I would start seeing results from the SEO exercise, within one month from the start date. But, thankfully, at the beginning of the third week itself, I started receiving phone calls and emails enquiring about the products I had listed. By the commencement of the second month, I earned profits equaling the amount I paid my SEO service provider for three months trial. So, the benefits from the second and third months were there, for me to keep.

Contract extended for a full year

By the third month, I had grown a lot more confident about my business and my business was growing at a rapid pace too. I started exploring new products to add to my store and e-Bay chipped in with their suggestions offering more help with their system of promotions. It was only sensible that I extend my contract with the SEO service for a whole year rather than try doing those things myself. After all, I had enough work on my hands now, maintaining the orders I received, responding to customer queries and all that. Leaving the SEO work in the safe hands of the professionals was, therefore, a profitable option for me.

SEO techniques keep changing at regular intervals

By now, I have come to accept that SEO is a different cup of tea and an enormous amount of focus and dedication are essential to attracting visitors to your business and convince them to buy from you. The techniques employed to get there through SEO keep changing at regular intervals and as a business owner, my priority was focusing on what I knew best – finding products, servicing orders, and providing customer service whenever needed. My SEO service provider was doing none of these because his core abilities were centred around helping businesses grow through effective search engine optimisation.

In conclusion, my SEO service provider gave the feeling of someone holding my hand and helping me wade through the difficult terrain of building a successful business.

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Psychologist/ Counsellor’s Guide: How They Help with Counselling About Life

happy people


Psychologists and counsellors are there to help individuals with psychological problems that medication alone cannot cure or help, but in today’s society Psychologists and counsellors are being sought out to help us learn how to live life better.

Why Turn to A professional?

Turning to a professional may help you by having an unbiased opinion and can tell you things that they have been trained to analyse better than a friend or family member. Psychologists and Counsellors have been trained to listen to their client to get to the root of a problem. They are not emotionally attached to you; therefore, they can say things to you that you may find harder to accept from a close friend or family. Family members may unwittingly add to problems you have because they interject their personal opinions. Most family and friends mean well, but they may not completely understand because they cannot see your point-of-view past their own.

What can a therapist offer?

A therapist can offer a few things that you usually cannot seem to get from even the most supportive family member or friend.

They Listen

Counsellors and Psychologists have spent a good deal of their time in school learning on how to listen to their future clients. Active listening will allow them to understand you better by:

  • Identifying your personality type
  • Paraphrasing what they heard you say
  • Validate your emotions
  • Use direct eye contact with you
  • Being open minded
  • Ask you questions for understanding purposes
  • Actively taking notes

It is important to be heard. Seeing a therapist with these active listening techniques helps you explore your situation and feelings about your problem(s) because you are talking to someone who is listening.

They Help You Learn

Seeing a therapist can help you learn about yourself during your sessions. They help you self-identify. Some people may not realise all the good they have to offer. This is time set aside for self-exploration. Therapists can help this process by pointing out things you have said and allow you to see yourself from their point-of-view. Counsellors can help you improve your life by teaching you positive strategies during difficult situations.

They Help Clarify Your Problem(s)

Counselling and Support

Whether you have a few issues or a single issue to get your life in line with how you want to live, a therapist has an unbiased opinion that could be beneficial for you. They can help you by strategizing a way for you to break your problems down, so they don’t seem too big to handle.
Therapists ask you questions that can guide you into making decisions for your life. They help you find the root of the problem by truly listening to what you have to say.

They Help by Suggesting Alternatives

Going to a counsellor with issues that you think are holding you back from a great life may be just a matter of seeing the alternatives you may not have thought about. When you are too close to a problem, sometimes it’s nice to get someone else’s perspective.

These professionals offer perspectives that may never occur to a friend or family member. Trained professional have been taught to listen without an emotional attachment. Being able to talk to someone that can see different options could help you expand your awareness that there are more options than you initially realised.

They Have Objective Honesty

Another reason to seek the counselling is that they’re paid, to be honest with you. Of course, some friends and relatives will ‘tell you like it is’ but this is often hidden behind personal opinions. Then, there are also the family members or friends who will take things personally if you share a problem that they are also involved in, in some way.

A counsellor gives you professional opinions without any personal attachment to what is going on in your life. Instead, they are trained to apply psychological methods to how you think reason through speaking with you. This allows them to make assessments about the problems and develop questions that help you think of solutions to make changes.

Building Self-Esteem


Building your self-esteem can help you immensely. Facing emotional challenges tends to take the wind out of our sales, or you may feel like you cannot seem to handle life’s day-to-day problems. Low self-esteem can occur with just about any problem that you may have. Therapists can help you build your self-esteem by helping you see that sometimes things happen that are not in your control. There may be some medical issue that you feel is your fault or an emotional upheaval in your life you could be blaming yourself over. These types of things can make you doubt yourself. Self-doubt is a ‘hit’ to your self-esteem and self-worth. Counsellors can help you by showing you how to self-talk positively. Everyone has that nagging voice in our heads that is ready to attack us with negative thoughts. Sometimes we need help blocking that voice and overcoming it with positive self-talk.


Aside from a therapist’s concern for your safety, you can rest assured that your counsellor or psychologist will keep what you say in session private. It is an ethical responsibility of your therapist not to discuss you or what you say in the office. This is a security for you to be able to be open and honest with your psychologist or counsellor. The issues you talk to your therapist about are confidential.

Remember, seeking the help of a professional therapist is not a sign of weakness. It is the sign of a smart man to ask for help when needed. Pursue the life you want with everything in you.

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Cotton Bras- Most Comfortable Lingerie

No matter what type of dress are you wearing, feeling comfortable is a must to look good and attractive. If you are insecure and feeling uncomfortable, this uneasiness and discomfort will reflect on your face, and you’ll not look presentable. So, if you give priority to comfort, then cotton lingerie is the most suitable option for you.  As well if you have a backless dress, then you can use stick on bra to avoid the hassle of exposing your bra wires.

Cotton Bras and Cotton Blends

As you know, cotton bras are made from synthetic cotton fibres. But some cotton bras have cotton fibres used in cups, that make them cotton blends bras. Most of the cotton bras that are now available in the market are not purely cotton, but cotton blends. Materials other than cotton fibres make these bras stretch resistance in addition to giving nicely shaped structure to your body. Bras that made of cotton fibres are undoubtedly softer, but this softness lost the appropriate structure and form that is necessary to keep breast firm and in shape. In addition to this, the only cotton fibre made bras soak moisture, take the longer duration to dry, make sweaty underarms that eventually leads to bad odours. So depending on your desired composition and stuff, you must attentively understand the composition and blending of other materials in fabric.

Best Times to wear Cotton Bra

As cotton bras ensure comfortable and relaxed body feel, so you can wear them whenever you want to get relaxed and chill out. These are incredibly soft and lightweight bras. Especially when you intend to have a calm, peaceful and relaxed sleep, cotton bras will prove extremely cosy and comfortable for you. Women mostly wear these bras during exercise or yoga, as it soaks your sweat well, plus it feels like a thin paper on your skin. These are relaxing during training, specifically for bustier women. Other than that you can wear them when you are lounging inside your house and don’t wish to get outside in hot or humid environment. Cotton Bras mainly provide excellent comfort and support for the sport. You must wear 100% cotton bras beneath your usual sports bra

Benefits of Cotton Bras

You’ll find numerous benefits for cotton bras. Most important of them all is its peaked comfort level in comparison to bras made from synthetic fabrics. And you’ll find it associated with every benefit you’ll attain from cotton bras. These bras feel like soft to touch and most of the women like 100% cotton fabric because of its smoother and light nature.
Comfortable Bras for Women having Skin Issues:
Cotton bras, as the name indicates, are made with cotton fabric, that feels immensely comfortable and soft to touch. So these bras offers not only ecological benefits but are also extremely beneficial for health issues. Cotton fibres feel real smooth, more delicate and light against the skin.

As it is crucial to give support to your breast, without feeling any itching or pain. So, women who have sensitive skin or dealing with certain issues should prefer cotton bras. Especially those women who feel uncomfortable in lingerie that is made from synthetic fibres or have sore breast will prefer cotton bras. When you are suffering from sore breast, anything touching your skin feel uncomfortable and itchy, and that totally ruin the point of support and shape. In such cases, cotton bras indeed prove lifesavers with their soothing effect and soft touch with skin.

Also, some of the women are allergic to specific synthetic materials, but cotton bras, made from natural fibres prove to be an excellent alternative to synthetic fabrics. It is an anti-allergic material that keeps the skin protected from irritation, itching and other skin problems.
Another significant health benefit of wearing 100% cotton bra is that organic cotton fibres are said to reduce the possibility of some cancers, especially breast cancer. Your skin breathes better in natural fabrics rather than synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres, take nylon and lycra as an example, do not let the skin breath properly thus cause increased growth of individual bacteria that leads to itching, skin infections, or other skin issues. Synthetic fibres produced through certain processing of leaching are home to hazardous chemicals, and you surely don’t want xenoestrogens in your skin.

Environment-Friendly Fabric:

Well, this has nothing to do with how good or relaxed you feel in particular lingerie, yet it is essential and necessary that the fabric you are preferably choosing to wear should be environment-friendly and ecologically beneficial in comparison with lingerie that is made from synthetic fibres. Most of the cotton fibre bras have crude oil as a component that is used as a raw material in the manufacturing of final products, which is the basic reason that makes cotton bras smooth and softer to the touch. Plus, some women prefer the use of natural materials over the artificial or synthetic material, which is highly appreciable. So whenever you are shopping bras, give an attentive look to the raw material used to make them.

Absorbent Fibre:

As we all know, cotton is incredibly soft natural fibre. This quality of cotton proves to be both positive and negative at the same time. Positive, because cotton lingerie tends to absorb all the additional moisture from the skin and get the perspiration away. At the other end, if you wish to stay long in hot or humid weather condition, this absorbance characteristics of cotton fabric create issues. Such as long retention of sweat, and thus bad odour problems.


Cotton bras are very easy to wash and have long durability. Depending upon the quality of your bra, they’ll remain great after wash. Only wash them in cool water and dry. The quality of bra will remain intact.In a nutshell, it is high recommending that you go for 100% cotton bra if you wish to get comfortable and relaxed. Cotton bras are sure, the best way to for comfort.

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